Competition Creation Classes

This year, TCFA will be introducing a new set of classes called “Junior Competition Creation” and “Elite Competition Creation.”  These classes will teach students to build their own choreography, perform group dances, join team-building technique workouts, and prepare for competition.  Throughout the season, students will create solos, duets/trios, and/or small group dances, for which they can choose their own music (approved by “Miss Sam”).  The dances we create in these classes will form part of our entry into a regional state dance competition in April 2020. Please note: additional entry fees per dance will apply (see below*.) 


  • Competition Creation dancers must be currently registered (2019-2020) for TWO ADDITIONAL TCFA dance classes, ONE of which must include ballet, tap or jazz
  • All registered dancers must dance in at least two group numbers at competition.  Required entry fees: $80, due October 31st.
  • Competition Creation dances will not be performed at the TCFA Recital in May 2020.  Instead, students will have community performances of their competition dances before and/or after the competition at TCFA.


Regional Dance Competition:
New York State Dance Challenge
Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY.  April 25-26, 2020
*Additional fees apply; per dance entry:  $80/solo
$50/dancer for duet/trio
$40/dancer for group