Private Lesson Policies

The Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts (TCFA) appreciates your observance of its class payment and cancellation policies.

  • TCFA requires payment by check (or cash) at the time of each scheduled private lesson. Please make your check payable to TCFA.
  • If a lesson must be rescheduled, we require 24 hours advance notice. Please contact your teacher directly with any change to your lesson schedule.
  • Every attempt will be made to reschedule all lessons canceled with 24 hours advance notice. If a lesson is missed and the teacher is not given 24 hours advance notice, the student will be automatically charged for the lesson.
  • In cases of emergency or when 24 hours advance notice is not possible, TCFA requires that the teacher be given an explanation of the extenuating circumstances before the next lesson in order to make an exception to the policy.

Weather-Related Closing

TCFA follows the Trumansburg Central School District decisions on all matters pertaining to inclement weather. If school is closed due to inclement weather, TCFA will be closed. If you are in doubt about the weather-related status of TCFA, please contact your teacher directly.

Discounts & Scholarships

Scholarship assistance and family discounts are subject to availability.

  • Financial aid in the form of scholarship assistance may be available to students with demonstrated financial need. Please speak with your teacher to inquire about this support.