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A native of Italy, D’Agostino arrived in America 33 years ago. Since then, he has toured across the globe, performed with guitar legends such as Leo Kottke, Tommy Emmanuel, Sergio Assad, explored a variety of guitar techniques, and absorbed musical styles from Classical to Brazilian to Jazz. In 2017 Guitar Player listed him as one of the 50 transcendent superheroes of the acoustic guitar. His signature Seagull acoustic guitar has been voted among the ten best signature guitars by Guitar Player magazine and his trademark open tunings are often the compositional vehicle which sparks the genesis of most of his well-crafted pieces. This highly unique approach to the guitar is easily recognizable for the beautiful melodies supported by brilliant harmonies and powerful grooves. His new album Connexion released in April 2020 is a collection of 10 new original compositions showcasing the virtuosity and artistic sensitivity of this award-winning guitarist.

Your donations during the performance and for 1 week following the live show will help support Peppino, with 20% benefiting the Trumansburg Education Foundation, providing much needed funding for Trumansburg NY area educators and youth organizations. Find out more at