SPECIAL EVENT with BALLERINAS! Kadie Salfi’s Petite Blue imagery includes numerous ballerinas and in keeping with that, TCFA will present two advanced ballet students from our outstanding Dance program dancing amongst the artwork during Open Hours on Tuesday evening, May 31, 5 to 7pm. Please join us!
For the annual Spring Art Show this year, TCFA is pleased to announce Artists’ Choice, opening Saturday evening, May 21, 7pm. The conservatory invited painter Domenica Brockman and photographer Jason Koski to show their work, and then skoski train 5.16asked each of them in turn to invite a favorite artist to participate as well. Ms. Brockman invited printmaker Kadie Salfi, with her Petite Blue images, and Jason Koski invited woodcarver Steve Koski, his uncle. The result is a diverse, exciting show with much to explore, from Domenica’s landscapes and Jason’s magical, moody photos, to Kadie’s evocative, often nostalgic cyanotypes and Steve’s historical, detailed relief carvings. The show will be up thru Sunday, June 5.
Jason, in addition to pursuing his own photographic imagery, works as a professional photographer for Cornell University, is a native of this area and lives just feet away from the conservatory. A Trumansburg resident, Domenica, who has lived in Africa, also grew up in the shadow of TCFA and, in her work, pursues the light and landscape around us. Kadie, born in Vermont but now at home in Ithaca, meshes photography room blue1866and printmaking into images with strong visual echoes. Steve Koski, like Jason born and bred hereabouts and known as a master stone mason, uses his woodworking skills to capture the past and present life and history of this area.
The public is welcome to visit Artists’ Choice during the Open Hours, as follows:

Sundays, May 22, May 29, and June 5: Noon to 6pm
Tuesdays, May 24 and May 31: 5-7pm
Thursdays, May 26 and June 2: 5-7pm
Fridays, May 27 and June 3: 5-7pm
Saturdays, May 28 and June 5: Noon to 6pm