Presented in a coffeehouse-style setting, Sé Leigheas will bring their well-honed Irish Se Leigheas Image 2session music to TCFA for Thursday evening, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, 7pm.
The band started up in 2012 with two fiddlers and a guitarist. Since then, it’s grown to be eight steady members (four fiddles, 2.5 guitars, concertina and mandolin). They meet weekly on the west side of Ithaca to play a wide assortment of jigs, reels, marches, airs and songs from the Emerald Isle and other Celtic nations.
The name Sé Leigheas comes from the Irish proverb, “Sé leigheas na póite ól aris,” roughly translating to “It is the cure of a hangover [to] drink again”—colloquially: “The hair of the dog that bit you!” Sláinte (Cheers)!
Admission, $5, can be paid at the door, and will include the evening’s music, including some coffee and surprises!